A good example of teamwork within SAGA

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
The Industrial Projects and Oilfield services of SAGA France have worked together so as to carry out a shipment of 42,7 tons.

This operation involved the transport of a rescue boat of 8,5 tons, a 10 tons-crane and its spare parts, from various points (Norway, Vietnam, Poland) to Abidjan (CI).

Such Carriage having been conducted mainly by sea and by air, helped to mix the skills of Industrial Projects and Oilfield services, the transportation modes, and know-how of everyone, the import has been run by SAGA Abidjan.

A wonderful project that resulted in a success in spite of difficulties that aid ahead, particularly, due to a difficult access to certain providers (Island West of Bergen-Norway), the height of the boat or the time requirements of the customer.

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