SAGA Express a division of SAGA is committed to shipping as quickly as possible your documents and parcels anywhere in the world thanks to its exclusive partnership and its hub in Roissy.

With its 22 agencies in France and 28 overseas, SAGA EXPRESS can offer you the following specific services:

  • Spare parts: purchase/ order management, assembly warehousing and delivery.
  • Personal effects: by taking advantage of special allotments reserved for expatriates ( door deliveries average 48-72 hours)
  • Courrier : documents sorted, conditioned and shipped to door within 48 hours.
  • Sorting and routing: mailing services provided from pick up point to final destination.

Our customers are looking for greater proximity to their express-service provider. Having a dedicated contact personalized services and funding the best solutions are among the demands that we impose ourselves in order to provide you the best service. This is where we are different than our competitors.