Career evolution and perspectives


SAGA has its own training program. Integrated to its human resources department which is a veritable center of management. This program is based on an original concept: Relying on the experience and knowledge skills of our own personnel in order to share the knowledge and knowhow with other colleagues.

Our training policy facilitates the integration of new recruits by developing apprenticeship through internal career evolution. This approach allows for a better knowledge of the company through a global and open minded vision that promotes a natural transmission of our company values and culture.

Career evolution

SAGA has and always will put an emphasis on internal promotions and mobility in order to satisfy the increasing needs that accompany a growing organization

The annual review process gives all employees the chance to have a constructive dialogue with their manager and to clearly express their desires in terms of career evolution.

Moreover, Saga employees are informed on a regular basis through an internal and dedicated "Job Board" of all new openings within the Saga organization as well as throughout the entire Bolloré Group.